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Concrete is the 2nd most commonly used resource on our planet after water, consuming 1/3 of global raw materials while producing 34 billion tons of CO2 each year – the equivalent emissions to every car in the UK, Europe, United States and China. Our current inefficient and wasteful Take-Make-Dispose mechanical models of production are no longer viable, we must move to more efficient automated circular economic process’ to efficiently deliver a resilient and sustainable built environment where future generations can thrive. Process’ such as 3D printing concrete components using local by-product and waste materials.

Concrete is the second most commonly used material on our planet after water, and also the second biggest producer of CO2 emissions. This year alone over 3.2 billion tons of CO2 will be released into our planet’s atmosphere, equivalent to the emissions from every car in Europe, America and China. For over 3,000 years we have been producing concrete by the same primitive method of the heating and grinding of limestone. Humanity is now on the brink of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, where technological advances are providing Architects, Engineers and Material Scientists with the tools to produce…